• Antimicrobial Activity of Aloe Vera Formulation

    Antimicrobial Activity of Aloe Vera Formulation

    Archana A. Bele*, Anubha Khale

    With the increasing incidence of diseases and development of antibiotic resistance, the alternative, safe, effective, and economical products are the need of time. Proven in multiple clinical studies, Aloe vera has been used in antimicrobial activity and used in mouth ulcers, periodontal diseases etc. In this present study Mucoadhesive film was prepared to study antimicrobial activity, to improve therapeutic efficacy by its adhesive action. The present study discusses the estimation of the antimicrobial activity of Aloe vera loaded mucoadhesive films. The formulation was studied for percent inhibition of microorganism of inflammed tissue, Calculas, and cultures of S.oralis, C.albicans, S.mutans. The formulation showed Percent inhibition of Candida albicans more when compared with standard Chlorhexidine. The film prepared is economic, convenient and shows the antimicrobial activity.